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Empowering transformational business performance with digital enablement and MarTech

We help companies find their next million customers using digital means - optimizing their acquisition funnel and solving data bottlenecks for better personalization and recommendations. We will help build and optimize your martech ,salestech, and servicetech stack and supercharge execution of your growth agenda.We have helped many fortune 50 organizations transform digitally and become more customer-centric by unlocking the power of their own data locked away in silos.


We are a group of accomplished senior executives with more than 20 years of success across the technology, entertainment, insurance, and financial services industries. Leveraging extensive experience in digital transformation, marketing technology, and digital advertising, we are valuable advisors for organizations seeking marketing process improvement through digital transformation. Our broad areas of expertise include digital transformation, technology management, team building, organizational design, and enterprise architecture. Throughout our executive career, We have held leadership positions with MGM International, Intuit, VISA, IBM and eBay and consulting leadership positions with HSBC, Bank of America, Best Buy , Huawei , Goldman Sachs, Anthem and VFC



Marketing in todays world has evolved to be technology dependent accelerate further by the pandemic. Having the right technology stack that is aligned to your growth goals is critical for survival of your enterprise can lean in and help benchmark your technology stack against the evolving state of the art and arm you with insights that will leapfrog you ahead of your competition


We are the world leader in selection, installation, configuration and monetization of customer data platforms across the landscape of 30+ vandor solution vying for your attention in this space. We will make it easy to get the right architecture set and optimize your time to value on your investment. This is an evolving landscape and you can not afford to make a mistake that will be costly not just in terms of the spend but also in terms of your time to market.


A MARTECH or CDP stack can not automatically provide value unless its setup with the right skillset and processes to operate it . We bring decades of experience in operating some of the largest commercial engines of the fortune 500 economy and we will build you a world class growth hacking operation that will crush your competition at double the efficiency and half the time .


One of more hyped but also most misunderstood evolution of web technologies WEB3 opens up a host of different ways companies can monetize and expand their customer base and their market surface, We demystify the concepts , help plan your foray , build proof of concept  to help you gain momentum . We can also simply be an implementation arm with distributed teams across the globe  if you already have a concept you would like us to implement .We can help supercharge your entry to create immersive-reality trends and enable new experiences in the metaverse.Whether its autonomous smart contracts or NFT's we can help you get to market much faster.


Unlock the Potential of AI and Machine Learning


Leverage the power of AI and Machine Learning to supercharge your customer acquisition and retention. Our expert team will provide you with tailored solutions to optimize your business processes and drive growth.


Transform your ideas into reality with our cutting-edge development services. We specialize in creating innovative AI and Machine Learning solutions that will revolutionize your business and give you a competitive edge.


We are committed to providing exceptional support to ensure the success of your AI and Machine Learning initiatives. Our dedicated team will be there every step of the way, offering technical assistance and guidance.

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